10+ Best Veterinary Schools in the United States (US)

The veterinary domain is one of those medical domains which are getting their popularity on a rapid pace these days. There are the numbers of the students who are aspiring to pursue their career into this field.

Seeing such a huge aspiration we are here suggesting you the list of top 10 Universities, which you can choose to pursue the career in the field of Veterinary in the United States.

  1. Cornell University

The Cornell University which has been based in the Ithaca, New York is one of the best Veterinary school in the United States and for that reason, we have put it on our first spot. This veterinary school is known for its emphasis on the medicines of the animal, the research on the biomedical aspects and the public health aspects.

This is the first choice or the preference for all those students who are willing to become the veteran doctor and the college by far has given more than 5000 veteran doctors to the United States, who are serving the Country’s animal’s well being by their best work ethics.

This school runs approx 335 students enrolled session at a time and you can have the doctorate degree of the Veteran from this school.

2. Colorado State University

Well, this is the other best veteran college in our list which can be preferred by the aspiring veteran in the United States. This veteran college is well known for its quality of education and the biomedical science or research in the Veteran program.

You can surely choose this college for a full-time veteran program and make your dream come true of being the Veteran.

3. Ohio State University

Ohio State University is located in Columbus and it offers the two kinds of a veterinary program one in comparative medicine and the other is veterinary medicines. Both of these programs include the practical and advanced training programs. You can undertake the graduate veterinary degree program from here in the field of the epidemiological field and in the biomedical research.

The best thing about this veteran medical college is that you are provided with the animal medical center and the hospitals so that you can have the best practical study exposure on the animals. This is one of those core reasons why the veteran aspirants seek admission in this college.

4. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania was founded in the year of 1884 with the basic purpose of keeping control over the human disease which was emerging from the other animal’s diseases. The medical college under this university work to cure the all kinds of animal diseases so that the control can be had over the several human diseases.

This medical university has an amazing combination of medicine which has been made by mixing up the human and the animal medicines and is known as the holistic medicine for the animals.

5. University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Wisconsin veterinary university is well known for its four-year professional program as a DVM. The medical colleges under this university provide a very broad range to the students to choose their interest from it includes the government sector, private sectors, private practices, and the armed forces.

So, if you undertake the veterinary program from this particular university then you are surely going to have a wide range of scope for future prospects.

6. Michigan State University

This is one of the oldest or the vintage veterinary universities located in the East Lansing of the Michigan state. This Veterinary University from Michigan has been offering its 4-year veterinary program since 1910 till now.

The medical school or the colleges under this university is having the four educational department which focuses upon the physiology, molecular biology and the genetics, pharmacology which is a complete study in itself for the veterinary domain.

7. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia was founded back in the year of 1946 and is presently known as the various veterinary courses offering university. Each year the University receives approx the enrolment of 400+ aspiring students in which the majority are women.

The college offers courses such as the companion animals, food processing animals, and the wildlife animals. You can have the full DVM program from this veterinary medical university.

8. University of California

This University is located in the Davis and is the best choice for those who are living either in the San Francisco or in the California state. The University is known prominent in the field of Veterinary research, clinical services, and better health research for the animals. This medical college under this University receives the enrolment for more than 600 students in each session.

9. Texas A&M College Station and University of Pennsylvania

This University offers the four-year program of the DVM and is in the existence since 1916. It is located in Texas and offers the combination of both the classroom and the lab research exposure in the four year DVM program. It has its emphasis on the animal dermatology and the zoological aspects.

10. University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is best-known for the ease of class that they offer as they keep the interest of the students in their consideration, and offers the classes accordingly. You may have the full four year DVM program from this University as well. It has been into the existence since 1947 and is well known for the cutting edge animal research work.

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